meets with Minister of Culture meets with Minister of Culture

"From the creative process to the audience experience, what place can artificial intelligence take in the cultural sector?"


This is the question we were asked by Rima Abdul Malak, French Minister of Culture, during a working dinner gathering actors of artificial intelligence in creation.


Our partner and co-founder Paul Mouginot recalled that the development of artificial intelligence algorithms is the result of many steps, including data gathering.


At stabler, we can help our clients build datasets for their AI models, and feed them on a regular basis.


As a French technology, we are interested in the idea of contributing to building cutting-edge and sovereign technologies, while fully respecting the legislative framework of data processing.


We are delighted to have met or seen Alexandra Bensamoun, Marion Carré, Florent Facq, François Pachet, Guillemette Picard, and Benoît Raphaël.


Many thanks to Raphael Coulhon and Félix Jamet for the coordination of the event.


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